What is FAN News Club?

The first journalistic technology center created to implement customized SRX apps for private companies, social networks and public institutions around the world.

What is Reciprocal Synchrony of Networks (SRX)?

A new way of communication network adapted to the needs of XXI century and alternative (and complementary) to Facebook and other social network.
Synchronizes one or more websites with their own social network.
Share more effectively any message with all the other social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, etc…
The SRX system turns customers into ‘influencers’ in social networks.
The SRX system creates App for smartphone with own social network.
The SRX system allows companies to enhance their corporate image.

The origins of FAN

Roots of FAN

Official FAN Song

Digital newspaper with SRX social network

News website with SRX, designed for multiple devices.

SRX social network integrated into digital newspaper.

Also includes news channels of companies, institutions, associations and citizens.

FAN TV with multiple channels

Mapping show projections

Festes de Santa Eulalia (Barcelona, febrer 2016)

Festival de Mapping a la Fresca (Barcelona, juliol 2016)

Social Commitment

Illusration designed by Miquel Fuster, collaborator of FAN News club
and ex homeless. Official website: miquelfuster.com

About FAN News Club

Founded in february 2015
Youngest company of communication technology selected in the official catalog of Mobile World Congress 2016
Official social network of eShow Barcelona and Madrid 2016